Where To Dance in the North Bay – October 21-27, 2021
Where To Dance in the North Bay – October 21-27, 2021

Where To Dance in the North Bay – October 21-27, 2021

THU 10/21 King Street Giants  Pint Size Lounge 1615 4th St San Rafael. 6-9pm. On the street. A few of us were danced out and passing by at the close of the evening, when we heart this jazzy clarinet, fiery finger style guitar, and Whoa!, there was a tuba fella dancing and playing on top of a bar stool. Really! Yep, I gotta have more of this! Research showed them part of a 7 piece young jazz band from up Sonoma way. Videos were astonishingly cool, sounds like glory, swing nut food.  So I dunno how big the band will be, but you’ll remember them the rest of your days from back when your feet were young. I did. Go. 
FRI 10/22 – Mitch Woods Club 88, and that wild boogie piano.  At the new Mac’s at 19 Broadway, Fairfax. Will need new piano strings soon, tip big. Wood floor. Easy, you’ll dance your bloomers off.  Inside, in the reborn den. 

SAT 10/23 – 7th Sons – SCC.  7-10pm. Playing those classic covers from the last few decades. 1234, here she comes now singing bony pony…  So now that you have that earworm, you might need some more…
*SCC is a private club, you must be on a members guest list.
• SUN 10-24 – Donna Spitzer & Sweet City Blues BandSCC.  SCC is a private club. Email Donna to get on her guest list.  donnaspitzer@comcast.net 
 MON 10/25 – Blue Monday Jam  –  SCC –  7-10pm Craig Caffall now herds the  boatload of musical friends and happy hippies that play The Stuff.  Always rockin varietal danceable fun, and on that exotic tilted teak floor!  A private club. You’ll have to get a member to guest you in.

• SAT 10/30 – Miracle Mule – Jerry’s Downtown BBQ. 5-7pm Miracle Mule is m-marvelous, swingable strong rhythms, amazing and funny.  Swampy tonk – blooz, wockabilly, swang, cajunny, tung-in-check cuntry & etc. Most fun you can have with your shoes on.  Just listen: https://www.miraclemule.com/music  

SUN 11/7 – Radio Gatsby with Ronda Sauce vocalist.  The Ramp. 5-7pm. SF for a night of swing dancing and great music! 20s dance band Radio Gatsby, featuring vocalist Rhonda Sauce will keep you entertained and warmed up with lots of dance music. The supreme waterfront restaurant and bar. Large outdoor waterside patio. Live music 4 days a week  855 Terry A Francois Blvd, SF. (415) 621-2876