Where To Dance in the North Bay – October 28-November 5, 2021
Where To Dance in the North Bay – October 28-November 5, 2021

Where To Dance in the North Bay – October 28-November 5, 2021

FRI 10/29  8-11  7th Sons Creek Park, San Anselmo (most accessible from San Anselmo Avenue at the Gelato place.). Dancing on the grass.


FRI 10/29 – 6:30pm Revolver ~ Jerry’s Downtown BBQ. Inside the outside tarped area.


FRI 10/29 – 6pm – Sausalito Seahorse ~ Marinfidels 


SAT 10/30 – 1-4pm – Dorian Mode Tomales Town Hall. Such a beautiful escape, a dancers daydream as you cruise the greening northern Marin. Earworms echoing Dorian in your ears, your toes wiggling on the douglas fir floor. This historic Town Hall sits at the center of Tomales looking out on the rolling hills of West Marin County, located on a rural stretch of coastal Highway One. The main hall features Douglas Fir floors, a stage, a bar and lots of natural light. Beer, wine and pizza available for $5 each. Support the project to preserve this wonderful place. Celebrate Halloween and enjoy the afternoon with live music and dancing. Costumes at your pleasure. Inside cozy charm.


SAT 10/30 – 5-7pm – Miracle Mule ~ Jerry’s Downtown BBQ. Miracle Mule is m-marvelous, swingable strong rhythms, amazing and funny. Swampy tonk – blooz, wockabilly, swang, cajunny, tung-in-check country, etc.  Just listen: https://www.miraclemule.com/music 


SUN 10/31 – 6-9pm – Lady and the Tramps ~ Mac’s at 19 Broadway, Fairfax. Inside. Booger Woogerween Party ~ depart from the norm! Be somebody/some thing else. Go Nutz. Wacky doodle. Bad. We know you have it in you! 


MON 11/1 – 7-10pm – Blue Monday Jam  – Sausalito Cruising Club – Craig Caffall now herds the  boatload of musical friends and happy hippies that play The Stuff. Always rockin varietal danceable fun, and on that exotic tilted teak floor! A private club. You’ll have to get a member to guest you in (or me if I’m free and going that night).  (Please donate to hungry musicians, okay? Strings are expensive. Is that a question?  Hey pal, just frigging donate to the musicians. Alright man!?  Alrighty then. Okay!)   Inside, mask option, show vac card.


FRI 11/5 – 8-11pm – Eldon Brown Band ~ Mac’s. This band swings like they invented it. Original blues oriented with some boogie woogie/swing. Great singing and sax by Eldon and a killer repertoire that keeps us enthralled and dancing. Dancers in love!


SUN 11/7 – 5-9pm – Radio Gatsby with Ronda Sauce vocalist (varies). ~ The Ramp, SF for a night of swing dancing and great music! 20s dance band Radio Gatsby, featuring vocalist Rhonda Sauce will keep you entertained and warmed up with lots of dance music. The supreme waterfront restaurant and bar. Large outdoor waterside patio. Live music 4 days a week  855 Terry A Francois Blvd, SF. (415) 621-2876  https://www.facebook.com/events/s/radio-gatsby-performance-the-r/176002811351230/  


MONs 11/15 and 22 – 7-10pm – Mitch Woods & the Boogie Woogie Piano ~ Mac’s at 19 Broadway, Fairfax. Start your week off on the left foot.