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Swing Dance in the South of France

Swing Dance in the South of France

Fall in France 2024

Learn swing dance in the south of France with Jasmine for a week in September!

Learn Lindy Hop in 17th Century Orangery in Le Gers, France. 

Salut! Please join us for a week of swing dancing in the south of France in 2024 in the glorious countryside of Le Gers, situated in the rolling hills between Toulouse and Bordeaux.

Hosted by Jasmine Worrell Dance in an elegant 17th Century Orangery, in the beautiful grounds of Chateau de Seailles.  From its hilltop vantage point, views of  vineyards and sunflower fields unfold to the distant Pyrenees mountains. See more information on the venue here.

During the week of September 15 – 21, 2024, we will spend each evening coming together, locals and visitors from near and far, to learn and practice the basics of Lindy Hop for a total of 7 days. At the end of the week, we will conclude with a fabulous swing dance party for the attendees and locals to enjoy. This program is especially for those with no Lindy Hop or swing dance experience, what so ever. Absolutely everyone is welcome. No partner, no problem. Any questions about the program, please feel free to ask Jasmine.

What is included in the weeklong event?

The days will be yours and the evenings will be ours to learn and dance. Together, we will spend an hour of class time growing your Lindy Hop with an additional 30-60 minutes of guided practice time. You are welcome to attend with a bottle of your favorite beverage and enjoy the environment in a casual and playful space after and watch the sunset to jazz music. All classes will be held in English with a French translator, as needed. Jasmine Worrell will be teaching all attendees the basics of traditional swing from the lineage of Lindy Hop. We will play, have a great time learning and connect with one another! There will be a total of over 7 hours of intensive class time with 3-10 hours of opportunity to social dance. Jasmine will also be available to all attendees for private lessons. 

Wish to stay the Chateau?

You may stay on-sight, if you wish! A comfortably renovated 16th Century converted bakery, accommodates 3 couples in well appointed rooms with king beds. The guests enjoy large common dining, kitchen and lounge areas, as well as a private walled courtyard, and an exceptional salt water swimming pool. There is the option for fresh food ingredients to be delivered by the Chateau, as well as bike rentals, and incredible list of activities all within a short drive from the Chateau ranging from hot springs to 5-start culinary experiences. Join Jasmine in the stay and adventure.

Register now for Fall in France 2024!

If you are interested in taking the Lindy Hop weeklong dance camp, contact Jasmine to register by emailing here. Early bird discount of an exclusive private lesson valued at $75 if you register by February 14, 2024. Prices for 7 days of classes plus a party is 160€  per person / 300€ per couple / $165 per person / $310 per couple. Significant discounts available for all folks between the ages of 13-18.

Email to register and save your space in Swing Dance in the south of France with Jasmine Worrell Dance.