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Group Swing Dance Classes

Group Swing Dance Classes


Enjoy American Swing of the Golden Era with Jasmine Worrell. Swing is a fun social partner dance set to swing jazz, blues, and rock and roll music. Having evolved from Lindy Hop in the 1940s, it’s based on six-count figures that are simplified forms of Lindy Hop patterns. In practice on the social dance floor, the six-count steps of the East Coast Swing can be mixed with the eight-count steps of Lindy Hop and Charleston, and is therefore a perfect place to start or continue growing your swing. 


Whether you are new to swing dancing or have months or even years of experience, join Jasmine’s weekly swing dance classes, either in Marin or Petaluma. No experience or partner is necessary. Classes are structured into monthly, 4 week series and begin at the top of the month. Marin classes begin every first Tuesday and runs for 4 straight weeks, and Petaluma begins every Thursday and runs 4 consecutive weeks. Classes are progressive, therefore every week within that series, we build upon the moves taught in the previous class. Sign yourself up and maybe a friend if you wish, although you never need to bring a partner or friend in order to join! I will supply a dance partner for you should you sign up without one. We promise to offer a great time! Contact Jasmine if you have questions about your level. Several workshops are offered throughout the year ranging from beginning through advanced Balboa to various ballroom dance styles including foxtrot, nightclub two-step, lindy hop for beginners, and advanced swing styling. Stay tuned about specialty classes by adding yourself to Jasmine’s newsletter

Email, text or call to register if you wish to pay offline (to avoid PayPal/Eventbrite fees). C: 510-388-5498. 

MARIN COUNTY LESSONS Tuesdays in San Anselmo at 167 Tunstead Avenue


Beginning Swing in San Anselmo is offered at 4:30pm and runs every Tuesday. There is an additional 15 minutes at the end of class for optional practice/social dancing. If you are new to swing dancing, please join us – it’s a great time within the year to start a new activity! No experience or partner is necessary for this series. Small class size and more individualized attention. 


Intermediate Swing is offered in San Anselmo every Tuesday at 5:30pm with an additional 15 minutes at the end of class for practice/dancing. If you have more than 6 months of swing dance experience, this class is for you. In class, we will mix 6-count steps with 8-count steps of Lindy Hop and Charleston. 


Advanced Swing is offered in San Anselmo only and runs from 6:30 – 7:30pm every Tuesday. If you are fluent in Lindy Hop, Charleston and east coast swing, you are welcome to contact Jasmine to discuss next-steps. Most students have at least one year of swing dance experience before joining this class. Email jasmineworrell@gmail.com or text 510-388-5498 to inquire about whether you are the appropriate level for this class.

Thursdays in Petaluma at Hermann Sons Hall at 860 Western Avenue


Beginning Swing is offered in Petaluma every Thursday from 7-8pm. If you are new to swing dancing, this series is for you! No experience or partner is necessary. Singles and couples are welcome, alike! No dance experience is ever needed. Smaller class size and more individualized attention. Questions? Text/call (510) 388-5498.


Intermediate Swing is offered in Petaluma from 6-7pm. If you have more than 3 months of swing dance experience, this series is for you. In class, we will mix six-count with eight-count rhythms. No partner needed.  Questions? Text/call (510) 388-5498.

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“In my 20 years of dancing, Jasmine is the best instructor I have ever danced with! She is immensely talented and able to teach multiple skill levels at the same time! She can be flexible with her schedule when needed and she is willing to teach in home, or an alternate location! She listens to what her students want and immediately addresses those wants. She is very skilled at addressing the different challenges that surface for people when they are learning to dance. I am so grateful to have her as an instructor.” — Carissa 

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“Jasmine is a wonderful, beautiful dancer who happens to also be a great instructor. She knows many dances and understands how to make the instructions clear, help beginners, improve advanced dancers. She’ll make you feel relaxed and all the learning will be fun, fun, fun. There is nothing she doesn’t know about dance.” — Camille

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“Jasmine is that rare combination of spectacular artistic talent AND the ability to teach her art to us mere mortals. I’ve taken beginning swing, intermediate swing, and lindy hop lessons from her, and I’ve learned a lot while having fun! She shows you how to do the steps, makes sure you really get it before moving on, and laughs along with the learners. I highly recommend any class with her!” — Peter